"Do you want to have an instant increase in your well being?  A feeling of warmth and comfort? A loving hug?  Slip on a pair of Baahboots, and you will feel taken care of, all your troubles dissipate and burdens lifted.  Those who have owned a pair of Baahboots, dream of them.  Baahboots are an experience you owe to yourself."

The inspiration for the Baahboots came from the traditional eastern European felt boots, “valenki”, with at least a 200 year history, made of 100% sheep’s wool.  These boots are hand-felted in one piece without any seams, and are extremely light.  In the process of wearing, such boots conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot, thus they are a perfect minimalist footwear. 

We care!  Sheep’s wool is a natural renewable resource that sheep love to give away.  We use wool from local farmers to support the nearby agriculture.

Our Baah Boots are to live in!  Our footwear can be worn inside as slippers and outside in the cold dry weather.  You will be warm in the harshest snow conditions, and at the same time you will be comfortable in the summer, because natural sheep’s wool is unique in a way it absorbs and evaporates moisture, while remaining dry itself, and allows your feet to “breathe”, which makes sheep’s wool footwear comfortable all-season.

Who will benefit from owning a pair of Baahboots?  Answer:  Baahboots is truly a family-wear! 

  • Children from newborns to fashion conscious teenagers

  • Adults, both men and women

  • Our footwear is perfect for après skiers after a day on the slopes, yoga devotees and minimalist footwear lovers. 


Do not forget about the THERAPEAUTIC properties of Baahboots:

  • Individuals with problem feet (corns or bunions) will LOVE our slippers and boots, which will not create pressure points on sore spots

  • If you have arthritis, our boots will provide therapy, as wearing sheep’s wool on bear feet will improve blood circulation

  • Wool is rich in lanolin, which accelerates the healing of wounds and skin cracks, possessing antiallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties when worn without socks

  • When you feel a cold coming on, slip on a pair of our booties on bear feet, and you will feel better!  The dry heat of the sheep’s wool helps curing the colds.

  • Due to its unique chemical structure and natural moisture content, wool is naturally fire-resistant and repels mildew and dust mites.

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