What Our Customers Have to Say About BaahBOOTS...



"She loves the boots!" - Nicole.











"This pair of slippers fit perfectly!!!  I am honored to have your BaahBOOTS and will treasure them." - Karen.











"Wow! I received these in the mail today.  I love them!!!!  You did a beautiful job - they fit wonderfully and they make me smile.  Happy Holidays!" - Jane.









"...I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE my Russian boots.  I wear them almost every time I go outside.  They are perfect and so warm.  You know how much I wear my Baahboots... every day, right?  I keep the Russian boots right next to the door so I can slip my Baahboots off and the Russian boots on to go out.  Love them... just like I love my Baahs... three pairs now.  Also, someone comments on my "cool boots" every time I go out.  They are impressive." - Christa.







"I have enjoyed my BaahBOOTS all this last winter and I am a confirmed believer in them.  They are the warmest and most durable house slippers I have ever had.  Thanks." - Donald.